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Learning Resources

9 months ago

All Subjects

BrainPop Jr

    • Grades K – 3
    • Requires Log-in
    • Science, Health, Reading & Writing, Math, Social Studies, Arts, & Technology activities

 Fun Brain

    • Some free activities
    • Contains activities for Math and Reading


    • Free Resource
    • Allows students to play educational games to earn points

 Soft Schools

    • Free Resource
    • Contains activities for numerous subjects
    • Pre-K through High School

 Study Island

    • WAMS and AHS Students have access to this resource
    • Requires a log-in

Educational Activities

Building :

    • Students are able to create their own Lego world using Google Chrome
    • Free Resource
    • Google Chrome needs to be installed on your computer first

Code Academy

    • Another free resource!!
    • Students follow simple steps to learn how coding works and what is involved in the process


    • Students can practice computer programming and coding
    • Videos are available to show what students are able to do and walk them through the steps
    • Free resource!!

 PBS Kids

    • Free Resource available for parents/students
    • Geared towards younger students

 Dance Mat Typing

  •  Students are able to practice typing with four interactive levels
  •  Free Resource!!!

Typing Web

    • Free online typing tutor & keyboarding tutorial
    • Available for all skill levels 

Virtual Field Trips around the world

  • Students are able to click on the link and choose their grade level

Language Arts

Spelling City

    • Free Resource!!!!
    • Allows students to take spelling tests, play games, create flash cards


Book Adventure

    • Free Resource!!!
    • Allows students to have access to over 3,000 books and gets rewards & points by completing quizzes


    • Students still have access to their accounts from the school year
    • Their log-in is their student ID number
    • Students can practice their reading and writing skills.


    • Requires a log-in
    • Library of books for students to read 

 Reading Plus

    • Requires a log-in
    • Grades 3 and up
    • Helps students understand how, what, and why students read while broadening interests and building knowledge


    • Free Resource!!!
    • Grades PK – K
    • Students can practice their ABS’s, learn to read, and read a variety of books

 TumbleBook Library

    • A free trial is available
    • An online collection of animated, talking picture books which teach young children the joys of reading
    • Some campuses have access to this resource and have given their students log-ins


Khan Academy

    • Free Resource!!!!
    • Amazing math videos to show students how to do various math concepts
    • You will have to create a registration for your student to start using it

 Math Connects

    • Free Resource!!!
    • For Grades K-5th
    • Online version of current student edition of textbook
    • Contains Student Worksheets

 Math Pickle

    • Puzzles for your students to complete to help them think outside of the box

 The World of Online Math

    • Free math lessons
    • Help section for parents

 Think Through Math

    • Students still have access to their accounts from the school year
    • Their log-in is their student ID number